HR Solutions That Make Your Insurance Agency a Small-Business Superhero

Insurance agents are often a close business adviser to their small business customers — and you have the opportunity to support your clients in growing their businesses. Often, large, one-size-fits-all competitors are a risk for an insurance agency, because they promise your small business customers the moon. You know what they’ll get is poor customer serivce that doesn’t see them as an individual — but how do you protect against a massive corporation that offers a wide variety of services?

Easy: Add HR solutions to your portfolio, with a solution from Creekmore Financial Group that doesn’t compete with your existing offerings. Our HR solution is the perfect add-on for an insurance agency to maintain a tight relationship with your small business customers, providing them the payroll, employee time and attendance management, and workplace solutions that complement, instead of compete, with what you offer.

Adding HR solutions to your insurance agency service offering makes sense and protects your independent agency against a one-size-fits-all giant that won’t serve your customers.